[Slackbuilds-users] petsc.SlackBuild - removal request

Fellype fellype at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 18:10:15 UTC 2023

Dear SBo admins,

I would like to request the removal of petsc.SlackBuild from SBo.
Such script was added to the SBo repo as a FreeFEM dependency in version
4.11. However, I changed it for FreeFEM v. 4.12. Thus, petsc is not
required anymore.

In addition, there is a problem with the installation of petsc on 64-bit
Slackware systems, as you can see in the attached messages. I'm unable to
solve it because the source config files do not have a "libdir" option (nor
anything similar to it) and my sed/grep/gawk/etc skills are much far from
the level required to solve it (I've asked how to do it in the petsc
mailing list, but no solution was indicated).

If anyone is interested in maintaining petsc, feel free to take over


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Hi Fellype,

I saw your attchment, but doesn't handle the installation at 64-bit
systems. That is why it has some lines moving the files, because it's a
requirement that slackbuilds install libraries at lib64 at 64bit systems.

Nonetheless both approaches doesn't solve the issue.
I would recommend you to fix the slackbuilds with some solution to update
files that are pointing to lib, you can use sed for that.
Besides shall be good to include at the configure process the libjpeg that
is included at slackware stock installation and doesn't need any dependency.


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Hi William,

Thank you for checking the petsc package and for noticing the problem.

This script was not supposed to have those lines copying things from /lib
to /lib64.
I remember that I noticed the problem and re-submitted the script in the
correct form (see attached slackbuild).
This means that I tested the script/software at some point!
And yes, all the packages submitted to SBo are checked. And the current
policy is really strict.

@SBo Admins
I guess that there is a problem in the SlackBuilds.org submission system. I
say that because I'm sure that I submitted the modified (and correct)
buildscript without the issue pointed out by William.
This is not the first time this has happened. But I don't remember when it
was the previous.

Best regards,

Em sex., 2 de dez. de 2022 às 22:42, William PC <w_calandrini at hotmail.com>

I checked the SlackBuild file and saw that it just move the files from lib
to lib64 but there is nothing to fix the files that have relations to the
/usr/lib path and it uses a if condition with only one equal signal, is
that possible ?

Besides the package doesn't even uses the libraries stock at Slackware,
such as libjpeg.
Neither sets to build the shared libraries.

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The petsc package has several files pointing to wrong locations at 64-bit.
I don't know how this package can be used in 64-bit with all this bad
paths: /usr/lib/petsc .
The maintainer probably had made the SlackBuild without testing the
Is there a policy to check the package before submit it ?

William PC

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