[Slackbuilds-users] memtest86 vs memtest86+

J. Milgram milgram at cgpp.com
Thu Oct 5 10:31:57 UTC 2023

FWIW I recently added a couple of DIMMs to my own (pre-UEFI) system and 
decided to run memtest before declaring victory.

memtest86 hung just a little way into the test. No problems reported, 
just froze.

memtest86+ ran to the end (and found no problems.) So that's the one I 
kept. And system has been behaving fine.

I didn't think to run either one before the upgrade...


On 10/4/23 13:02, Rich Shepard wrote:
> Earlier this week my main desktop server/workstation hung about 01:00 and
> needed to be rebooted. Twice (Sunday and Monday.) Yesterday and today it
> stayed up as usual overnight.
> I have replacement DIMMs but want to test the installed set first.
> Looking at the SBo pages for memtest86 and memtest86+ I did not see 
> how the
> differ ... if the do so significantly.
> I'd like recommendations for which one to build, install, and run.
> TIA,
> Rich
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