[Slackbuilds-users] system/worker.SlackBuild

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Mon Dec 18 05:22:04 UTC 2006

B Kirkpatrick wrote:
> Today I downloaded & ran the system/worker script. The first time I ran 
> the script, it errored on me, saying that in line 81, 
> /tmp/SBo/package-worker/usr/doc/worker- was a directory. I could not get 
> "cat $CWD/$PRGNAM.SlackBuild > $PKG/usr/doc/$PRGNAM-$PKGVERSION" to work 
> in that line. I changed it to "cp $CWD/$PRGNAM.SlackBuild 
> $PKG/usr/doc/$PRGNAM-$PKGVERSION" & it created a package. However, the 
> name of the doc subdir was wrong. It was "/usr/doc/worker-/", instead of 
> "/usr/doc/worker-2.13.1/". this was caused by the use of the $PKGVERSION 
> variable in lines 50, 77, 80 & 81. The variable PKGVERSION is never 
> defined in the script. Changing all instances of $PKGVERSION to $VERSION 
> corrected that problem. After I made the above corrections, thus getting 
> the script to work, I downloaded the SlackBuild again in order to verify 
> results for this email. This time it didn't error in line 81, but 
> neither did it put the SlackBuild in the doc subdir. Changing "cat" to 
> "cp" & deleting the ">" as above fixed that. I'm surprised that this 
> hasn't been caught earlier, this is a three month old script & not too 
> shabby a file manager. I think I can get some milage out of it.
> Regards,
> Bill


Thanks for the report; this is now fixed in the repo.  Like you, I'm 
surprised that it hadn't been caught earlier...




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