[Slackbuilds-users] Change to submissions

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Fri Nov 3 21:36:05 UTC 2006

These are minor, but they need to be standardized so that parsing
results are always predictable.

For keywords/tags added during the submission process, make sure
they are comma-separated only.  In other words, this is correct:
   tag1,tag2,tag3,tag4,tag_with two_words,tag5
This is *not* correct:
   tag1, tag2, tag3, tag4
Notice the *lack* of spaces in the *correct* format.

For the MD5SUM value in the .info file, this should now contain
*only* the actual md5 checksum - the full output of the `md5sum`
command (which also includes the filename) should no longer be

I have corrected all of the .info files and updated the fat
tarballs inside the repository, and I'm not making the changes
necessary to the database.  Until those changes are finished,
some things may appear to be out-of-sync.




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