[Slackbuilds-users] anyone comtemplating a lightweight vim build?

Grant bugsplatter at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 21:17:04 UTC 2006

On Thu, 21 Sep 2006 15:19:39 -0400, Alan Hicks <alan at lizella.net> wrote:

>Grant wrote:
>> I'd like to speed up vim, take out bidi char support, English only, make it 
>> into lighter weight editor -- vim 7.0 is noticeably slower then vim 6.3 on 
>> firewall box (p-mmx/233MHz + 128MB memory)
>In general we have a rule not to accept build scripts for software
>that's already included in Slackware unless there's a compelling reason
>(apache-2 vs. apache-1.3 for example).  I'm not sure what others will
>say as to this particular issue.  In general, the rule is sorta applied
>case-by-case.  I personally see a few problems and I'll just go ahead
>and air them out here.
>1- Is it really that big a deal?  If the answer is "yes", well, I won't

It is on a slow box, particularly as vim stalls on reverse scroll, this is 
via PuTTY ssh terminal.

>2- Assuming we decide to include it, how will we name it?  vim-6.3?
>vim-6.3-lightweight? vim-slim?

vim-7.0-light (or slim)

>3- Would it interfere with the default Slackware vim in any way?  I'm
>sure this can be addressed by renaming the binary vim-6.3 or something.
> The user can setup his own alias, or change the vi symlink.

vi -> elvis ??  I'd see vim-slim as an alternate vim, never use vim-slack.

>4- Make sure that the changes from the default Slackware package are
>well documented, including mentioning any features that are present in
>the default package, but not in this build.


>5- The doinst.sh package shouldn't screw with the default Slackware vim
>package or any of its add-ons (like gvim), and it should be thoroughly
>tested to ensure that it doesn't screw up anything like gvim.  This is a
>big stickler for me.  Even if the others are addressed to my liking, I
>won't sign my name to the script(s) if it doesn't pass this rule.

Worries me too -- why I float the idea first ;)
>If you think you can solve those satisfactorily (and I see no reason why
>you couldn't), then I think you should get to work. :^)

Heh, I'm hoping somebody done it already ;)


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