[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20070405

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Thu Apr 5 21:44:54 UTC 2007

Thu Apr  5 21:40:47 UTC 2007
desktop/pypanel: Added - PyPanel is a lightweight panel/taskbar
  written in Python and C for X11 window managers.
  Thanks to Vasilis Papavasileiou.
desktop/QtCurve-KDE3: Updated for version 0.48.3.  Thanks to BP{k}.
games/wesnoth: Updated for version 1.2.3.  Thanks to BP{k}.
libraries/bluez-libs: Added - bluez-libs contains the libraries
  implementing the Bluetooth protocol stack in userspace.
  Thanks to Ralph Moritz.
libraries/libgnomecanvas: Minor changes to build script.  --rworkman
libraries/libgnomecups: Added - libgnomecups is a library for
  accessing CUPS from GTK/Gnome applications.  Thanks to dadexter.
libraries/python-xlib: Added - python-xlib is an X Library module for
  Python.  Thanks again to Vasilis Papavasileiou.  --rworkman
libraries/sqlite: Updated for version 3.3.14.  --rworkman
libraries/libgnomeprint: Added - libgnomeprint is the GNOME print
  architecture.  Thanks to dadexter.   --rworkman
libraries/libgnomeprintui: Added - libgnomeprintui is the user
  interface portion of the GNOME print architecture.  Thanks again to
  dadexter.  --rworkman
libraries/yaz: Updated for version 2.1.54.  Thanks to BP{k}.
multimedia/mplayerplug-in: Modified the README to note that
  Slackware's SeaMonkey package must be installed.  Thanks to alkos333
  for prodding us on this. ;-)
network/nicotine-plus: Updated for version
  Thanks to Iskar Enev for the update.  --rworkman
office/basket: Updated for version 1.0.1.  Thanks to BP{k}.
office/kchmviewer: Updated for version 3.0 and moved from the
  graphics/ category.  Thanks to BP{k} for the update.  --rworkman
office/tellico: Updated for version 1.2.9.  Thanks to BP{k}.
system/bluez-utils: Added - bluez_utils contains the Bluetooth
  utilities.  Thanks again to Ralph Moritz.  --rworkman
system/gdm: Added - gdm is the GNOME Display Manager.
  Thanks to James Rich.  --rworkman

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