[Slackbuilds-users] libgphoto2

Michael Wagner lapinours at web.de
Sun Apr 29 16:59:16 UTC 2007

Dear list,

it seems as if there is a bug in libgphoto2. I use version 2.3.1 with 
udev-0.97 from slackware 11. 

The generated udev rules are never applied because udev does not report BUS 
properties to 90-libgphoto2.rules. It skips the file at the following line:

BUS!="usb*", GOTO="libgphoto2_rules_end" (never true)
Changing this line to:

SUBSYSTEM!="usb*", GOTO="libgphoto2_rules_end"

solves the issue for me. It also works with the udev rules generated 
via "print-camera-list udev-rules-0.98" (althoug udev version is 0.97)


Michael Wagner 

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