[Slackbuilds-users] Slackware and Plug'n'Play for removable devices

Halim I. yallaone at gmail.com
Sun Feb 18 12:45:50 UTC 2007

On Sunday 18 February 2007 10:47, Daniel de Kok wrote:
> My personal opinion, though most people will probably disagree, is that
> PAM support is long overdue. 

I couldn't agree more. While PAM was ridden with some challenges in its 
earlier days, we have now come to a point where it's causing more damage from 
being absent than from being included. HAL is one area, login grup 
memberships another, and the rise of biometric login alternatives a third. 
There has recently been some rather active discussions with Pat regarding the 
possible inclusion of PAM in the next Slackware, and given that enough sober 
arguments are presented to him in a non-intrusive fashion, I believe a savvy 
group such as this should carry enough weight to be able to persuade him to 
walk down the PAM path.

> I have talked to some other people who 
> administrate Slackware systems, and the absense of PAM is a PITA for them,
> some have moved on to other systems for that, and some other reasons. And
> there is choice. 

Yup - both from a Desktop and Server point of view we have now passed a point 
were Slackware will loose more users and revenue from not having PAM, than it 
would from diehards disliking a PAM introduction.

My bet would be the single largest obsticle to PAM in Slackware would be the 
added management overhead from PVs point of view, given all the various PAM 
variations and plugins out there...

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