[Slackbuilds-users] MPlayer.SlackBuild

Niki Kovacs contact at kikinovak.net
Fri Feb 23 15:06:43 UTC 2007


I just built MPlayer, and I have a suggestion for that. In the current 
state of things, the GUI version lacks a Skin and fonts. Well, read the 
README, I hear you say... but I'd suggest to include these in the 
sources to have at least *one* version that works out of the box.

I went to mplayerhq.hu, browsed through the 30 or 40 skins, chose one, 
then looked for fonts... in vain, since mplayerhq.hu doesn't seem to 
provide them anymore... so I remembered that rlworkman.net had at least 
one set of fonts in stock...

Well, you get the picture. As for choosing some default skin, I'd say: 
choose something sensible. Like Blue, phony, Corelian, WMP6 or 
xmmplayer. These are all rather intuitive and neutral-looking. Then, if 
people want their video player look like a puking alien with psoriasis, 
they can always do that.

What do you think?



PS: the script defaults to plastic and Quicksilver... maybe you intended 
to include them... but just forgot?

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