[Slackbuilds-users] MPlayer.SlackBuild

Niki Kovacs contact at kikinovak.net
Fri Feb 23 16:54:32 UTC 2007

Robby Workman a écrit :
> Hmm, I'll look into that for sure.  On the subject of OOo, please have
> a look at:
> http://rlworkman.net/pkgs/sources/11.0/openoffice.org-2.2.0rc1/
> I've incorporated a LOCALE variable into the script for just that
> purpose.  I had initially used LANG, but that conflicts with a default
> shell environment variable, so LOCALE was a better choice (assuming
> that LOCALE isn't used by the environment when using a different
> language - I'm English-only, so no good way to test that here.  Please
> have a look at this new script, test, and supply feedback.  :)

Something like OOLANG shouldn't mess with your shell for sure. You 
native english speakers don't know the joys of localizing a Slackware 
desktop :o)

I'll check out OO-2.2 as soon as it's 2.2.0 stable. After all, we use it 
in a production environment. Which is a big word for 



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