[Slackbuilds-users] i18n-xx SlackBuild for mozilla-firefox: What? Where? How?

Niki Kovacs contact at kikinovak.net
Wed Feb 28 08:30:33 UTC 2007


I want to write a firefox-i18n-fr.SlackBuild to localize Firefox. The 
Firefox people somehow remind me of the GNOME people... when you hunt 
around for information as to what goes where and how, you can't help 
getting the impression that you have to be a member to some secret 
congregation to get involved in the arcanes of the build and install 
process. Anyway.

So far, I had two solutions to localize Firefox, none of them really 
satisfying. 1) Download the french localized .tar.gz file from Firefox 
(and also Thunderbird) and build a package with the original Slackware 
SlackBuild script. 2) As a user, download an fr.xpi file from 
mozilla.org (which I find myself googling for for about half an hour 
everytime), then install it. The disadvantage of this solution: I can 
only localize Firefox... locally, if I may say so. Every user (and there 
are a lot) would have to go through the chore, so this is not really viable.

So: is there a way to install a (french, ...) language pack for Firefox 
(and Thunderbird, ...) somehow? If so, 1) What are the files? 2) Where 
are the files? 3) Where do they go? I googled for the solution, surfed 
quite a lot on the Mozilla Foundation website, and concluded all this is 
an awful mess.

Any suggestions?


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