[Slackbuilds-users] Error checking in SlackBuilds

Niki Kovacs contact at kikinovak.net
Tue Jan 30 05:11:19 UTC 2007

Le mardi 30 janvier 2007 05:25, Robby Workman a écrit :
> There's almost certainly a more elegant way to do it, but that gets
> the idea across, I think.

Thanks for the detailed explanation, Robby! BTW... I'm surprised not to see 
your build scripts for XFCE and related stuff on the site archive.

To the other guys: sorry I forgot to introduce: hi, I'm Niki! Using Slack 
since 2001! I'm currently working as a sysadmin at the Communauté de Communes 
du Pays de Sommières, that's a community of 16 small towns, where I have to 
handle the digital linking of town halls and public libraries. In practice, 
this means blowing Windows installs to heaven and replace them by our 
favourite OS (except the main server, running Debian Sarge, although I may 
replace that one day). I've spent a few months writing my own suite of 
SlackBuilds, so I appreciate the idea to centralize efforts the more so. I've 
read pretty much everything that's on the site and also read through the ML 
archives, so I know how you guys work. 

Hear my knuckles crack...


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