[Slackbuilds-users] Updates 20070605

Michiel van Wessem michiel at slackbuilds.org
Tue Jun 5 22:17:02 UTC 2007

Tue Jun  5 22:10:07 UTC 2007
desktop/clearlooks: Added - Clearlooks is a simple, elegant GTK theme.
  Thanks to Brian Muramatsu. --BP{k}
desktop/crystal: Updated for version 1.0.4.  Thanks to BP{k}.  --rworkman
desktop/QtCurve-KDE3: Updated for version 0.50.  Thanks to BP{k}. --rworkman
development/geany: Updated for version 0.11.  Thanks to BP{k} for the
  update.  --rworkman
development/scons: Fixed some hardcoding of paths in the resulting package.
  Invert314 reported a problem with xmms2 building that *appeared* to be
  caused by the --prefix=$PKG/usr in the old build script, but it turned out
  to be something else (which is still unknown at this time).  Even so, the
  changes made (with the condition below) are good even if there's no known
  breakage without them.
  Kyle Guinn, look over the changes, and if I omitted something that is
  needed as part of the fix, please advise.  --rworkman
graphics/gwenview: Added - Gwenview is a fast and easy to use image
  viewer for KDE. Thanks to Michael Wagner. --BP{k}
graphics/gwenview-i18n: Added - Internationalisation files for the
  gwenview image viewer Thanks to Michael Wagner. --BP{k}
graphics/tripod: Added - Tripod is a QT application allowing you to
  display, create, remove, and/or rename your iPod photo album.
  Thanks to Michael Wagner.  --BP{k}
graphics/vbetool: Added - Vbetool is a tool to run real-mode video BIOS
  code to alter the hardware state.  Thanks to Alex Lysenka.  --BP{k}
multimedia/eyeD3: Added - eyeD3 is a Python module and program for processing
  ID3 tags.  Thanks to Andrew Lindberg.  --rworkman
network/kazehakase: Added - kazehakase is a lightweight GTK+2 web browser
  using the Gecko html rendering engine.  Thanks to Michael 
Wagner.  --rworkman
network/knemo: Updated for version 0.4.8.  Thanks to BP{k}.  --rworkman
system/htop: Updated for version 0.6.6; fixed path to icon in htop.desktop
  so that the icon will display in kde.  Thanks to BP{k}.   --rworkman
system/rxvt-unicode: Added -  rxvt-unicode is  a VT102 emulator for the
  X window system with support for unicode.  Thanks to Meckafett.  --BP{k}
system/wine: Updated for version 0.9.38.  Thanks to Robby Workman.  --BP{k}
system/xautolock: Miscellaneous script cleanup.  Thanks to Jick Nan for
  the updates on this.  --rworkman


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