[Slackbuilds-users] Update - 20070619

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Tue Jun 19 06:37:05 UTC 2007

Tue Jun 19 06:13:22 UTC 2007
Okay, guys, this is (hopefully) the last of the additions to our 11.0
  repository.  There are two more still in the pending queue, but
  there's a good chance that they won't make the cut this time.
  As we mentioned on the mailing list last week, we are putting the
  vast majority of our time and effort into getting everything ready
  for Slackware 12.0's release.  That being the case, if you have
  submitted something that did not get included and you haven't heard
  from us about it, please resubmit it after we are back to normal
  (whatever that is) around here after 12.0 releases.
  Thanks to *everyone* for your submissions, public relations help,
  and anything else you did to support the project this past year.
  On a personal note, I (rworkman) would like to extend a big thanks
  to all of the other SlackBuilds.org team members - I greatly
  appreciate everything you guys have done to help make this project
  a success!   Anyway, enough chatter - on to the good stuff:
libraries/libgphoto2: Fixed and/or noted a few issues with hal compatibility.
  Big thanks to Michael Wagner for the help with this.  --rworkman
libraries/wxGTK: Fixed (again?) the symlink creation for wx/config.
  Thanks to Iskar Enev for the report and fix.  --rworkman
multimedia/speex: Added - Speex is an Open Source/Free Software patent-free
  audio compression format designed for speech.
  Thanks to Alex Lysenka.  --rworkman
network/irda-utils: Added - IrDA-Utils is a set of utilities to manage and
  control infrared devices.  Thanks to Michael Wagner.
network/sphinx: Added - Sphinx is a full-text search engine.
  Thanks to Michael Johnson.  --rworkman
system/xarchiver: Added a symlink in the script so that xarchiver's internal
  help feature will work properly.  Thanks to Helo Athena for the report.
system/moto4lin: Added - Moto4lin is software intended to be used with Motorola
  telephones based on the P2K Platform. Thanks to Mark Walling. --BP{k}
system/unrar: Updated for version 3.7.6.  Thanks to Andrew Brouwers for the
  updated script.  --rworkman
system/watchdog: Added - Linux watchdog timer daemon.
  Thanks to Menno Duursma.  --rworkman

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