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Robby Workman wrote:
> Deak, Ferenc wrote:
>> I know this is FAQ no 14, and I know all the technical and political issues
>> issues of the "dependecy problem", but...
>> The current rule of this slackbuild project is that we can put the
>> "informal" list of dependencies into the README file.
>> Supposing that most of us have a full slackware install on our machines,
>> is it a very bad idea that a package lists those dependencies formally
>> which are solved by the slackbuilds project?
>> For example we can put "SBODEPS=pkg1,pkg2" os something similar to the
>> .info file.
>> The reason is that I would like to write a script to
>> 1. to compile an application automatically, building its sbo deps before
>> 2. I would like to write a script which checks which packages have to be
>> rebuilt, when an other package releases a newer version. I know this 
>> later is harder because I have to know that I really need a rebuild or not.
>> (when I have a newer .so lib it does not necessary need to rebuild of its
>> dependant)
>> So the first target is 1.
>> If we do not want to put it to the .info the second choice is to put it to
>> the README as now,
>> but in a standard form (in a separate line by a leading token) to able to
>> parse by grep or
>> similar tools.
> Unless something changes upstream (as in, Pat changes his stance on
> the automated dependency resolution issue as a whole), I can say with
> almost 100% certainty that this functionality will never be officially
> supported and/or endorsed by the SlackBuilds.org project.
> The goal of this project was never to provide a "super-tool" that
> would find, download, compile, and install an application and its
> dependencies.  It requires enough time (from volunteer project admins)
> to simply test and approve submissions - trying to maintain a list of
> dependencies, incompatibilities, flavors (and the accompanying
> dependencies/incompatibilities with them) is just too much work for
> very limited benefit.
> If some third party wishes to try and maintain such a list, then
> that's fine with us.  However, we will not be adding any new parts to
> the $APP.info file format for the sole purpose of supporting some
> third-party dependency management.
> RW


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