[Slackbuilds-users] pypanel and bugs

Vasilis Papavasileiou el03020 at mail.ntua.gr
Mon Mar 26 07:25:24 UTC 2007


I recently submitted a build script for pypanel. I hadn't noticed the
dependency on imlib2, could one of the admins delete the pending package so I
can upload it again?

I have also noticed a few bugs in other scripts:

In lua, SLKCFLAGS are ignored. We could correct this with:

	<src/Makefile >src/Makefile.tmp
 mv src/Makefile.tmp src/Makefile

In scripts which package binary stuff (like OpenOffice.org or Opera) the ARCH
line is


instead of


The architecture in our .tgz name will be wrong if the ARCH environment
variable is set.

Best regards,

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