[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20070501

Michiel van Wessem michiel at slackbuilds.org
Tue May 1 22:06:54 UTC 2007

Tue May  1 22:00:46 UTC 2007
desktop/dmenu: Updated for version 3.0.  Thanks to eroc.  --BP{k}
desktop/icon-naming-utils: Added - : Icon-naming-utils provides a script for
  maintaining backwards compatibility with current desktop icon themes, while
  migrating to the names specified in the Icon Naming Specification. Thanks
  to Michael Wagner. --BP{k}
development/cupsddk: Added - The Cups Driver Developmentkit (cupsddk) provides
  the tooling needed to develop drivers for CUPS and other printing
  enviroment. Thanks to Iskar Enev. --BP{k}
development/nano: Updated for version 2.0.6.  Thanks to Erik Hanson. --BP{k}
development/xml-simple: Added - XML::Simple is a perl module for reading and
  writing XML. Thanks to Michael Wagner. --BP{k}
graphics/gtkam; Added - Gtkam is a GTK2 front-end to libgphoto. Thanks to
  Michael Wagner. --BP{k}
libraries/dbus-qt3: Added - QT3 bindings for the dbus IPC library. 
  Thanks to Ole Andre Rodlie. --BP{k}
libraries/glibmm: Removed lots of API reference docs from the resulting 
  Thanks to Selk Foster.  --rworkman
libraries/gtkmm: Removed lots of API reference docs from the resulting 
  Thanks to Selk Foster.  --rworkman
libraries/libexif-gtk: Added - libexif-gtk provides GTK+ widgets to diplay and
  edit EXIF tags. Thanks to Michael Wagner. --BP{k}
libraries/libsigcxx: Removed lots of API reference docs from the resulting 
  Thanks to Selk Foster.  --rworkman
libraries/libdvdread: Updated for version 0.9.7. Thanks to eroc for the 
libraries/libsamplerate: Added - libsamplerate is a sample rate converter for 
  audio. Thanks to Paul Wisehart. --BP{k}
multimedia/gtkpod: Added - gtkpod is a platform independent Graphical User 
  Interface for Apple's iPod using GTK2. Thanks to Alex Lysenka. --BP{k}
network/gajim: Added - Gajim is a GTK+ jabber client written in Python. 
  Thanks to dadexter. --BP{k}
network/mozplugger: Added - Mozplugger allows you to intergrate external apps 
  to view that Mozilla can't handle itself. Thanks to Michael Wagner.  --BP{k}
network/tor: Updated for version Thanks to Erik Hanson.  --BP{k}
system/apcupsd: Updated for version  Update to 3.14.0. Thanks to 
rworkman. --BP{k}
system/iscan: Updated for version 2.6.0. Please note - due to the fact that 
  I don't have access to the relevant hardware, I cannot verify that this 
  actually works; all I can guarantee is that it builds a compliant package.
  Thanks to MagicMan. --BP{k}
system/fuse: Updated for version 2.6.5. Thanks to eroc. --BP{k}
system/multitail: Updated for version 5.0.1. Thanks to Erik Hanson. --BP{k}
system/postgresql: Updated for version 8.2.4. Thanks to Adis 
Nezirovic.  --BP{k}
system/pygresql: Added - PyGreSQL is an open-source Python module that
  interfaces to a PostgreSQL database. Thaks to Vasilis Papavasileiou. --BP{k}
system/set_rlimits: Added - set_rlimits gives non-root users the ability to
  run programs with realtime scheduling. Thanks to Paul Wisehart. --BP{k}
system/splix: Added. - SpliX is a set of CUPS printer drivers for SPL (Samsung 
  Printer Language) printers. Thanks to Iskar Enev. --BP{k}
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