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wagnerm at arcor.de wagnerm at arcor.de
Sun May 13 15:55:32 UTC 2007


I am on holidays at the moment, so I can not provide the output of udevinfo although I used it together with udevtest(8) to parse the rules.

> I see no indication that support for the newer
> SUBSYSTEM(S) key had already been added before that.  However, the
> udev documentation often leaves a lot to be desired, so...

I also saw the descrepance between the documentation and my experiences and there are no hints in their ChangeLog. As far as I can remember, the rules did not match when testing them with udevinfo/-test and BUS (which worked with older versions of udev) but with SUBSYSTEM.  

> As of right now (at least based on the information we have), this does
> appear to be a bug in libgphoto (as opposed to our script) - we are
> simply generating the udev rules according to their instructions.
> This should probably be reported to them, but if you want to hold off
> for a bit until we can look at the udevinfo output, then that's fine.
> :-)

Yes, I know. Originally my intent was to share my issues with libgphoto2 instead of reporting a real bug as the rules were provided according to my version of udev and compliant to the documentation. So I thought that somebody else might have the same problem. 

Also, there is no bug report concerning this behaviour on www.gphoto.org.


Michael Wagner

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