[Slackbuilds-users] HAL 'plugdev' system-group (ivman/pmount)

Menno Duursma druiloor at zonnet.nl
Wed May 16 17:51:09 UTC 2007

Hello ya'll,

The configfile for HAL included in the buildscript sets the 'users' group
as the one allowed to mount volumes. However the default used in other
distros (or atleast Debian) Bis 'plugdev' which might improve security.

'ivman' normally runs a (and/or its own very) user, who is a member of the
'plugdev' group and 'pmount' is installed suid-root group executable only.

I recently submitted buildscripts for 'ivman' (which handles events, on
laptops) and 'pmount' (which automates mounting of USB drives, even for
like FVWM users) however the permissions therein are all wrong and the
ivman one overwrites config-files :-(.

So i hope ya'll remove them from /pending I would like to resubmit them
fixed/documented. TIA!


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