[Slackbuilds-users] HAL 'plugdev' system-group (ivman/pmount)

Ole Andre Rodlie olear at slackforge.net
Wed May 16 17:07:10 UTC 2007

> The configfile for HAL included in the buildscript sets the 'users' group
> as the one allowed to mount volumes. However the default used in other
> distros (or atleast Debian) Bis 'plugdev' which might improve security.

The default policy in hal.conf is user=0, I had to change it to
something more suitable, to me the logical group was 'users'. I know
other distros uses different groups for this, Debian uses 'plugdev',
ArchLinux uses 'storage' etc. I got nothing against changing the
group, 'users' was just a suggestion that works out-of-the-box.


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