[Slackbuilds-users] HAL 'plugdev' system-group (ivman/pmount)

Menno Duursma druiloor at zonnet.nl
Wed May 16 23:20:16 UTC 2007

Patrick J. Volkerding wrote:
> Wouldn't it make more sense to just reuse the "cdrom" group for this?

This might be an improvement over using the 'users' group, however
(cmiiw) i think this could allow a program connected over DBUS to send
arbitrary SCSI commands ...

> IMHO, allowing a users to mount a pluggable device isn't much different
> from allowing them to mount a CD/DVD.

Well 'pmount' doesn't use fstab since the idee of /media is that there
needn't be any (static) configuration for plugable devices at all. Besides
one might not want to allow (say a student) to burn cds, but to copy some
docs from usb is fine.


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