[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20070528

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Mon May 28 21:15:06 UTC 2007

Mon May 28 21:08:12 UTC 2007
desktop/gtk-chtheme: Added - gtk-chtheme allows you to change your
  gtk+2.0 themes easily.  Thanks to Andrew Brouwers.  --BP{k}
desktop/icewm: Edited the script to install the manpage; sorry for the
  glaring omission...  Thanks to Selkfoster for the report.  --rworkman
desktop/lxpanel: Added - LXpanel is a NETWM/EWMH compliant lightweight x11
  desktop panel.  Thanks to Michael Wagner.  --rworkman
desktop/ubuntulooks: Added - ubuntulooks is a polished brown GTK+2.0
  theme.  Thanks to Andrew Brouwers.  --BP{k}
games/wormux: Added - War is declared! Thanks to Adnan Hodzic.  --BP{k}
libraries/libevent: Miscellaneous script cleanup.  --rworkman
libraries/ncurses-ruby: Added - ncurses-ruby is an extension to the Ruby
  programming language.  Thanks to Lehman Black.  --BP{k}
libraries/SDL_gfx: Added - SDL_gfx is a library that implements graphics
  primitives.  Thanks to BP{k}.  --alien
network/centerim: Added - CenterIM is a multi-protocol command-line instant
  messenger.  Thanks to dadexter.  --BP{k}
network/snort: Updated for version  Thanks to Alan Hicks.  --rworkman
network/privoxy: Added - Privoxy is a web proxy  with advanced filtering
  capabilities.  Thanks to Alex Lysenka.  --BP{k}
network/raggle: Added - Raggle is a console RSS aggregator, written in Ruby.
  Thanks to LeLehman Black.  --BP{k}
network/tor: Updated for version  Added rc.tor init script, and
  added lines to the post-install script to keep the existing permissions on
  that script if one is already installed.  Thanks to Erik Hanson.  --rworkman
system/ntfs-3g: Fixed missing APPROVED line in the ntfs-3g.info.
  Thanks to eroc for noticing this.  --BP{k}

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