[Slackbuilds-users] Orphaned slackbuilds

Niki Kovacs contact at kikinovak.net
Fri Nov 2 12:40:59 UTC 2007

Martin Lefebvre a écrit :
> What if, theoratically speaking, Slackbuilds were made so that if a new
> version comes out, all the user who wants to have the latest and
> greatest has to do is pass it like ARCH?
> VERSION=1.0.4 ./prgnam.SlackBuild
> most new versions will work that way, and if there is a problem, then
> the maintainer can be emailed, and a new script can be uploaded.
> IMO, that has the effect of being more adaptable, and at the same time,
> allows users to have the newest version, but also have an older one if
> someone prefers the way 1.0.2 worked over 1.0.3+

IMHO this is a bit of an infringement to the KISS principle. Up until 
today, I've used 50+ scripts from SBo, and I only remember one occasion 
where a script offered (and still offers :oD) an outdated version, 
that's yaz (php-yaz needed a more recent version to build). I just took 
the script, altered the version number myself, made a few adjustments, 
and everything was fine.

A more straightforward solution would be to simply ask users to take a 
peek once in a while.

[Aside: I didn't offer much help up until now, because I spend 14 hours 
a day on a project that I have to finish until the end of November. The 
project consists essentially of replacing all our CentOS and Debian 
desktops by an XFCE-based Slackware desktop with numerous 
enhancements... As soon as the first two dozens of machines are 
installed and run fine, I'll gladly return something to SBo. I have many 
SlackBuild scripts here that aren't on slackbuilds.org... I'm planning 
to adjust them a bit so they are SBo-compliant, since my scripting style 
is a bit different.]

Maybe submitting scripts is a bit like kids. It's not enough making 
them, you have to look after them once they are out in the world :o)



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