[Slackbuilds-users] Orphaned slackbuilds

Michael Wagner lapinours at web.de
Sat Nov 3 10:54:50 UTC 2007

Frank Caraballo wrote:
> I agree that scripts should only be updated when a new version will not 
> compile without tweaks. The maintainer shouldn't have to submit a 
> updated script if a simple version change is all that is required 
> (unless they decide too). I do think, however, that for a major Slack 
> version that more time should be spent making sure quality is up to snuff.
Freezing the repository until a new Slackware version comes out, is 
probably a good approach to reduces everyone's workload. I am not 
referring to reject new submissions, but to keep versions that are known 
to work properly and are thoroughly tested unless they pose a security 
risk. As this is the way stable Slackware versions go, we should be 
pleased with it.
> It was very noticeable, to me anyways, that the quality of scripts was 
> down because of the push to have everything ready for 12.0. I personally 
> spent a lot of time updating and testing my scripts only to have someone 
> else submit an update simply because '12.0 was coming out soon'. Many of 
> these updated scripts had small errors. 
You are hopefully not referring to libgphoto2, as I have made a few 
changes to it simply because I have been asked to do so.
> IMHO, the authors ARE the maintainers of the script unless they 
> specifically ask not to be (or if the SBo team feels like they can tweak 
> the heck out of a script and get it all automated or some such thing). 
> Once they ask not to be (as Michael did) is when there should be a 
> maintainer added to the script.
A quote from backports.org would straighten that out and emphasize the 
submitters responsibility:

"Please note, that you are responsible for this backport from the time 
on when it was accepted on backports.org. This means, you have to keep 
track of the changes in unstable, update your backport when a new 
version enters testing and provide security updates when needed. If you 
are not willing or capable of doing this, you better ask someone else 
(e.g. on the mentioned mailinglist) to create and maintain the backport."



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