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LukenShiro lukenshiro at ngi.it
Sat Nov 3 19:34:27 UTC 2007

sabato 3 novembre 2007, alkos333 ha scritto:
> > - to have a web page containing a list of pending package, to avoid
> > a possible duplication of work.
> http://slackbuilds.org/pending/<package_name>.tar.gz

Sorry, probably I wasn't clear enough.
Thank you, I already know which url I need to see _known_ pending 
packages. But for the time being I cannot know if there is already a 
package in the pending queue, if the package isn't mine; my problem is: 
certainly I can't blindly guess its name, so there is a potential risk 
of duplicating a package submission ...

> > - to ask to Patrick for incorporating some management function in
> > pkgtools (such as 'config()', for managing .new files'
> > installation) instead of doinst.sh.
> I don't t think there is a safe way of merging two files without
> breaking things.

Sorry, but there is a misunderstanding here, too. Don't worry, by any 
means I do not want to change the merging phase ;-)
I meant only these shell config function's lines of code present in 
config() {
    OLD="$(dirname $NEW)/$(basename $NEW .new)"
    # If there's no config file by that name, mv it over:
    if [ ! -r $OLD ]; then
        mv $NEW $OLD
    elif [ "$(cat $OLD | md5sum)" = "$(cat $NEW | md5sum)" ]; then # 
toss the redundant copy
        rm $NEW
    # Otherwise, we leave the .new copy for the admin to consider...
As all of you know, those are inserted in doinst.sh script whenever old 
configuration files have to be preserved from automatic overwrite and 
to manage new ones consequently.
My idea was simply to propose moving this function in a separate shell 
script (e.g. config-preserve.sh in pkgtools-*.tgz) in order not to 
repeat function definition every time in doinst.sh.
(but it is not so important; and obviousy it would be a Volkerding's 
decision, that would involve all .tgz packages ...)

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