[Slackbuilds-users] package version problem (while building an sbo tool)

Deak, Ferenc ferenc.deak at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 06:55:34 UTC 2007


I'm trying to make a program which handles the
sbo repository. The program now can

- build a package and
  - downloads the source if necessary
  - checks the md5 of source
- do not build if already built
- builds all the packages as a build robot
  - now only the independent packages can be built
    (= no dependencies)

in the future it will
- print version differences between the installed
  and availabe packages and update packages if
- handle package dependencies (which simple means
  that if A can't built without B it will build A)
- rebuild a package if the dependancies are
- handle special packages which has 'choices', at
  least in the way that it will print that, this
  package can't be built automatically, or build
  with some defaults.
so it will be something like prt-get for CRUX linux...

To reach the goals I have to process the .info
files, and slackbuild scripts also. Sometimes
this is really hard to determine what will be the
real .tgz name of a package. I need this name
because I don't want to re-build a package if it
is already built.
Sometimes the true version 'must' be read from
the info file (because the version is calculated in
slackbuild), but sometimes the version is diffent
in the 2 file.
So long story short there are packages which has
version missmatches.

first version is from the .slackbuild, second is
from the .info:

multimedia/GoogleEarth: '4.2' != ''
libraries/SDL_perl: '1.20.0' != '1.20.3'
multimedia/abcde: '2.3.3' != '2.3.3_1'
network/claws-mail: '2.9.2' != '2.9.1'
games/defcon: '1.42beta4' != '1.4beta4'
system/krusader: '1.80.0' != '1.80'
misc/matchbox-common: '0.9.1' != '0.9'
graphics/pcb: '20070208p1' != '20070208'
network/putty: '0.60' != '0.58'
system/rxvt-unicode: '8.3' != '0.83'

system/graveman: '' != '0.3.12-5'
office/kchmviewer: '3.1.2' != '3.1-2'
office/kdissert: '1.0.7' != '1.07'

This is special because the name and the version
is mixed:
the file will be 'otp_R11B-5-i486-1_SBo.tgz'

Please understand that I need the exact name of
the resulting package *before* the build in order
to determine whether I have to rebuild or not.


Sorry for the long mail in a not-so-perfect

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