[Slackbuilds-users] package version problem (while building an sbo tool)

Chess Griffin chess at chessgriffin.com
Tue Nov 13 16:00:18 UTC 2007

Deak, Ferenc wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to make a program which handles the
> sbo repository. The program now can
> - build a package and
>   - downloads the source if necessary
>   - checks the md5 of source
> - do not build if already built
> - builds all the packages as a build robot
>   - now only the independent packages can be built
>     (= no dependencies)

Several months ago, I posted something to the list about a similar tool
that I called "buildsbo."


There are several changes I have been planning to make, but have not had
the time yet.  Feel free to use any part of this script if you wish.  It
has worked well for me in my informal testing.


Chess Griffin
GPG Key:  0x0C7558C3

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