[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20071114

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Wed Nov 14 22:49:42 UTC 2007

Wed Nov 14 22:20:51 UTC 2007
academic/galculator: Updated for version 1.3.1.  Thanks to Frank Caraballo.
academic/ladr: Added - LADR is a suite of mathematic programs, including
  prover9 and mace4.  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --rworkman
development/bashdb: Updated for version 3.1_0.09.  Thanks to Erik Hanson.
development/erlang-otp: Renamed from otp_R11B.  This is a much more sane
  naming/versioning than what we had.  Thanks to Luken Shiro for the 
  help with this.  --rworkman
development/sloccount: Fixed the build script to honor SLKCFLAGS.
  Thanks to Aleksandar B. Samardzic.  --rworkman
development/tkcvs: Updated for version 8.0.4.  Thanks to Ferenc Deak.
graphics/bashgallery: Added - Bashgallery is a bash script to generate an
  online static-HTML picture gallery.  Thanks to Martin Lefebvre for both
  bashgallery itself and the build script.  --rworkman
graphics/gwenview: Updated for version 1.4.2.  Thanks to Michael Wagner.
graphics/gwenview-i18n: Updated for version 1.4.2.  Thanks to Michael Wagner.
libraries/enchant: Added - Enchant is a wrapper for spellcheck libraries
  like aspell.  Thanks to Alex Elliott.  --rworkman
libraries/gdal: Disabled building of static libraries.  --rworkman
libraries/libmpcdec: Added - libmpcdec is a musepack decoding library.
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --rworkman
libraries/osggis: Added - osgGIS a software package that enables you to access
  GIS vector data and visualize it in an OpenSceneGraph application.
  Thanks to Aleksandar B. Samardzic.  --rworkman
misc/iscan-firmware: Added - this is the firmware files for EPSON USB scanners.
  Thanks to Manuel Reimer.  --rworkman
multimedia/herrie: Added - Herrie is a minimalistic command-line music
  player.  Thanks to Phil Warner.  --rworkman
network/bsflite: Added - BSFlite is a rather small and minimalist client for
  AOL's Instant Messenger(TM) service.  Thanks to Peter Drauden.  --rworkman
system/fakeroot: Updated for version 1.8.2.  Thanks to Ferenc Deak.
system/mrxvt: Updated for version 0.5.3.  Thanks to Alex Lysenka.
system/rsbac-admin: Added - RSBAC is a kernel-based access control framework.
  Thanks to Daniel de Kok.  --rworkman
system/splix: Updated for version 1.0.2.  Thanks to Iskar Enev.  --rworkman
system/xf86-video-openchrome: Added - this is an open-source driver for the 
  OpenChrome chipsets.  Thanks to eroc.  --rworkman

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