[Slackbuilds-users] libcddb and libcdio: circular build dependencies

Niki Kovacs contact at kikinovak.net
Fri Oct 5 10:57:15 UTC 2007


I'd like to build libcddb and libcdio. The two packages depend on each 
other for compilation, e. g. libcddb needs libcdio to build correctly, 
and libcdio needs libcddb. It's a catch 22.

I'm searching a solution for this, but I'm rather clueless. Maybe do this:

Write a SlackBuild for libcddb that first builds libcdio and installs 
the resulting lib into some temporary directory. Then build libcddb 
against that temporary directory. And then, once libcddb is built and 
installed, write an individual SlackBuild for libcdio.

I've never done such a thing, so I'd like to know if it's feasible *in 
theory*. If someone competent here says that it is, I'll work out the 
details by myself.

If you want to know why I want to do this: I've never quite managed to 
build a complete and coherent set of multimedia libs necessary to build 
various monsters such as transcode and VLC.

Now Eric Hameleers has published a vlc.SlackBuild on his site. The 
script (1460 lines long!!! We have to write to the Guinness book of 
records!!!) includes all the dependencies statically. I have it a spin, 
and it works very well.

I'd like to build all these dependencies separately now, and as shared 
libraries. So when I have to build, say, transcode with a reasonable set 
of options enabled, it won't be much more work.



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