[Slackbuilds-users] qemu-bin

alkos333 me at alkos333.net
Sun Sep 16 20:05:56 UTC 2007

Hello folks,

I installed qemu for 12.0, which is a repackaged binary release.

Here is what I get when I try to boot up with a Windows XP installation CD:

me at alkos333_TPT60:~/testing$ !qemu
qemu -localtime -m 512 -hda winxp.img -cdrom /dev/cdrom -boot d
Could not open '/dev/kqemu' - QEMU acceleration layer not activated
qemu: could not load PC bios '/usr/local/share/qemu/bios.bin'

find finds bios.bin, but not in /usr/local:

me at alkos333_TPT60:~/testing$ find / -name bios.bin 2> /dev/null

Does the binary look for bios.bin in /usr/local by default, or there is
I might have done wrong?

Alex Lysenka
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