[Slackbuilds-users] QtCurve sources are unacessible (sources are outdated)

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Sun Aug 10 03:23:15 UTC 2008

Deak, Ferenc wrote:

> The QtCurve sources (both QtCurve-KDE3 and QtCurve-Gtk2)
> cannot be downloaded from the specified locations, but newer
> versions are available.
> The new versions are (with its MD5 sums):
>   afa418c3d22091fb4ef9397de0195a23  QtCurve-Gtk2-0.59.7.tar.bz2
>   e6e721a38650c4c453c686c5d871862d  QtCurve-KDE3-0.59.5.tar.bz2
> I downloaded the new sorces and built both packages with the
> modified SlackBuilds, and both works fine for me, so the upgrade
> is perhaps safe.

The QtCurve-* projects are one of the few that really get on my
nerves in this respect.

Michiel, how about hosting the sources for this on the SBo server
so that we can avoid the constant cycle of upgrades?


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