[Slackbuilds-users] Sbopkg 0.0.9 released

Chess Griffin chess at chessgriffin.com
Thu Aug 14 03:07:26 UTC 2008

There has been some decent activity since 0.0.8 resulting in some nice
updates and bug fixes.  Here are just some of the changes in sbopkg

* Several bug fixes in the update list to prevent false positives.
Thanks to ktabic and Antoine for the bug reports.
* Fixed some things so that a user can now correctly set a different
$TMP, $SRCDIR, $OUTPUT etc. in sbopkg.conf, which means that someone
can completely segregate sbopkg and its related SBo-building and
package dumping directories, for example, /sbo/tmp, /sbo/cache,
/sbo/packages etc.  See the sbopkg.conf(5) man page for details.
Thanks to Ken Roberts for the bug report.
* New features include the ability to clear the cache directory from
within the dialog interface and to display all installed SBo packages
in the dialog and cli.
* The search results page has been improved and the user can now jump
directly to a package's information menu from the search results page.
 Thanks to Erik Hanson for the diffs, suggestions,  whitespace
cleanups, and bug fixes.
* Menu navigation has been greatly improved so that sbopkg remembers
where you are when navigating up and down through the menus.  Again,
big thanks to Erik Hanson for this improvement.

Any resulting bugs or problems are my fault.  :-)  Please report them
to me via email, the sbopkg mailing list, or you can find me on
freenode at #sbopkg or the usual suspects, #slackbuilds or

A noarch package and source tarball for version 0.0.9 can be found at
the sbopkg project website:



Chess Griffin
GPG Public Key: 0x0C7558C3

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