[Slackbuilds-users] Problem with Lilypond SlackBuild for 12.1

Robert W. Wendel kf0xb at ImOnMail.com
Sun Aug 17 20:09:16 UTC 2008

   I don't know where to post this so you see it but I'm having problems 
compiling lilypond.  I get a compile error:
WARNING: Please consider installing optional programs:  kpsewhich

ERROR: Please install required programs:  mf-nowin mf mfw mfont

See INSTALL.txt for more information on how to build LilyPond

  I thought the stock installation covered the Tex package issues which I
think the above error messages refer to.

SlackBuild script is from SlackBuilds.org
   Was hoping to get rosegarden installed and have been compiling my
way up through the dependency list.  I have a Slackware 12.1 full 
Lilypond It is a complex build, but I thought I had all the dependencies 
I have Googled to problem but have not found much.
Fairly new to Slackware.

Robert W. Wendel

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