[Slackbuilds-users] Problem with Lilypond SlackBuild for 12.1

Robert W. Wendel kf0xb at ImOnMail.com
Mon Aug 18 02:01:27 UTC 2008

Heinz Wiesinger wrote:
> Robert W. Wendel wrote:
>>    I don't know where to post this so you see it but I'm having problems
>> compiling lilypond.  I get a compile error:
>> WARNING: Please consider installing optional programs:  kpsewhich
>> ERROR: Please install required programs:  mf-nowin mf mfw mfont
>> See INSTALL.txt for more information on how to build LilyPond
> You've found the right place to post this ;)
> The README of the lilypond.SlackBuild lists fontforge and mftrace as 
> dependencies. Maybe these two are missing
>>   I thought the stock installation covered the Tex package issues which I
>> think the above error messages refer to.
> the missing apps probably refer to mftrace (just the 'mf' which makes me 
> guess)
>> SlackBuild script is from SlackBuilds.org
>>    Was hoping to get rosegarden installed and have been compiling my
>> way up through the dependency list.  I have a Slackware 12.1 full
>> installation.
>> Lilypond It is a complex build, but I thought I had all the dependencies
>> covered.
> lilypond is an optional dependency for rosegarden. If you won't need it, 
> there's no need to compile it now. If you notice later that you do need it, 
> you can add it later too, as it's only a runtime dependency and requires no 
> recompilation of rosegarden.
> Grs,
> Heinz
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   I did get mftrace to compile without errors and installed the 
package, but still no lilypond.  Also got rosegarden to compile, 
installed, and I think run ok.  Rosegarden is looking for Jack-Audio and 
Lilypond in the opening dialog screens, however.  Rose is probably good 
enough to play around with for now, but would like to get the runtime 
stuff compiled.
Thanks for you rapid reply, but was waiting to respond till after 
rosegarden compiled.  Running an old K6-III+ 450hz here so things take 
time here.
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