[Slackbuilds-users] Freeze on New Submissions to Prepare for 12.2

Vincent Batts vbatts at hashbangbash.com
Tue Dec 2 00:29:02 UTC 2008

> Greetings, everyone:
> In preparation for the upcoming release of Slackware 12.2
> (no, we don't know the date yet either - but it seems to be
> relatively close), we have closed the submission form for
> 12.1 to start working on getting things ready for 12.2.
> Please begin testing the things you maintain on a -current
> system if at all possible; as with last time, anything that
> won't build for us or for which the source is unavailable
> as listed in the .info file will be removed from the repo
> when it goes live for 12.2.
> We'll be spending the next several days trying to clear out
> everything that's currently in /pending...
> Thanks to everyone for your continued help and support.
> -RW

bonnie - broken with -current kernel, since its not maintained, and
obsoleted by bonnie++, it shouldn't be carried in to slackware-12.2
bonnie++ - OK
fgci - OK
ipcalc - OK
rubygems - OK
stress - OK
x11-ssh-askpass - OK
xlt - OK
wvstreams - OK
flock - OK
openmotif - OK
barry - OK
wxX11 - OK (if anyone uses it ?? i do not :| )
Blokkal - currently broken; it depends on aclocal-1.9, i'll see if i can
work around it. this version of Blokal isn't maintained anymore, the dev
has moved on to kde4, which i will be working on.
wvdial - OK
xmlstarlet - OK



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