[Slackbuilds-users] Freeze on New Submissions to Prepare for 12.2

LukenShiro lukenshiro at ngi.it
Sat Dec 6 07:53:03 UTC 2008

lunedì 24 novembre 2008, Robby Workman ha scritto:

development/easygui: OK 
development/pydblite: OK
development/python-pmw: OK
development/re2c: OK
graphics/unpaper: OK
libraries/fltk: OK
libraries/libwww-perl: OK
libraries/perl-digest-hmac: OK
libraries/perl-digest-sha1: OK
libraries/perl-html-parser: OK
libraries/perl-html-tagset: OK
libraries/perl-net-ip: OK
libraries/pyfltk: OK
libraries/reportlab: OK
network/efax-gtk: OK
network/spamassassin: OK
system/opensc: OK
system/pcsc-lite: OK

 OK (but README needs to include perl-digest-hmac as a requirement)
 broken download address due to a new "current" version 
(I'll submit a new version script)
 I have to decomment new udev rules; BTW /usr/libexec/hald-addon-openct 
should be chmod'ed to 755 (I'll submit a new build)
 OK (but in a few days/months download address 
will be broken due to a new "stable" version, so I'll submit a new build 
to specify a lasting address)

GNU/Linux * Slackware 'current'
GNU/Linux * Bluewhite64 'current'
LU #210970 LM #98222 SU #12583

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