[Slackbuilds-users] Freeze on New Submissions to Prepare for 12.2

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Mon Dec 8 05:22:24 UTC 2008

On Fri, 5 Dec 2008 18:52:35 +0100
"Aleksandar Samardzic" <asamardzic at gmail.com> wrote:

> Here is the status of scripts I'm currently listed as maintainer, and
> that I've tested under -current:
>   academic/matplotlib: ok
>   desktop/enlightenment: ok
>   development/Coin: ok
>   development/Quarter: ok
>   development/gccxml: ok
>   development/numpy: ok
>   development/openmpi: ok
>   development/pygccxml: ok
>   development/pyplusplus: ok
>   development/uncrustify: ok
>   libraries/e_dbus: ok
>   libraries/ecore: ok
>   libraries/edje: ok
>   libraries/eet: ok
>   libraries/efreet: ok
>   libraries/embryo: ok
>   libraries/evas: ok
>   system/gxemul: ok

All moved into place; thanks.

> Following script works too, but the checksum is wrong (based on daily
> snapshots):
>   development/Pivy
> I'm intending to come up with some solution for this very soon, so
> either you could add script into 12.2 repository, and I'll post an
> update there, or you could omit it, and I'll re-post as soon as 12.2
> repository open for upload.

We'll put it in as is, and you can send an update when you're ready.

> Following scripts should not be moved into 12.2 repository:
>   development/SoQt - the package is superseded by development/Quarter
> package mentioned above

Okay, noted in ChangeLog.

>   development/boost-bindings - the package is dependent on some kind
> of BLAS/LAPACK battery installed, but no SlackBuild exists at the
> moment for these:

Hrm, those sound familiar; I think we have that - maybe ladspa or
whatever it's called now??  

> Following script should not be moved into 12.2 repository, because
> corresponding packages are in -current, and I won't update SlackBuilds
> for these anymore:
>   development/sip
>   libraries/pyqt4
>   libraries/qt4

We're keeping all three of these, even if that means one of us has to
take over maintenance.  The /testing tree won't be part of 12.2.

> Finally, here is the list of packages that I don't use any more, so I
> won't update corresponding SlackBuilds either, thus I think they
> should be left in 12.1 repository until someone interested steps up to
> keep the maintenance (most of these I haven't updated long ago, and as
> nobody complained in the meantime, I guess there aren't much users of
> them anyway):
>   development/Ice
>   development/bugle
>   development/kdbg
>   development/mcpp
>   development/sloccount

All of these passed our build test on -current, so they can stay at
least for now.

>   libraries/OpenSceneGraph

Not sure about this one - David?

>   libraries/QuantLib
>   libraries/gdal
>   libraries/gsl

These passed so far, so they stay.

>   libraries/osggis

Not sure about this one either.

>   office/auctex

This one also built successfully.

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