[Slackbuilds-users] Directory Structure Question

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Fri Dec 12 23:04:29 UTC 2008

On Fri, 12 Dec 2008, Chess Griffin wrote:

> Ah, yes, I see.  I think those are just personal preferences for package
> development that are not really necessary for using the scripts at SBo.


   While the introduction to that page states these are personal approaches,
the consistency of installing full distribution source implies that's not
optional. A clarifying sentence would greatly assist newcomes such as me.

> Sounds like you are good to go.  :-)

   Thank you.

   However, it turns out that the application I want to use, OpenProject, is
written in java and provided as a .jar file. Unfortunate, IMNSHO. My
experiences are that java apps are only slightly above perl apps in clarity
and maintainability. I prefer C and python; my software engineer partner
(much more experienced than am I) prefers C and ruby while holding the same
opinons of perl and java. But, that's for another discussion over a couple
of pints of handcrafted stout, porter, or ale.

Carpe weekend,


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