[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20081214

xgizzmo at slackbuilds.org xgizzmo at slackbuilds.org
Sun Dec 14 06:26:08 UTC 2008

These updates fix problems found in the 12.2 repo.

Sun Dec 14 05:38:29 UTC 2008
academic/bibletime: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
audio/Songbird: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
desktop/QtCurve-Gtk2: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
desktop/QtCurve-KDE3: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
desktop/crystal: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
desktop/kcometen3: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
desktop/kdmtheme: Removed source NLA.  --dsomero
desktop/lipstik: Updated md5sum.  --dsomero
development/Scalar-List-Utils: Updated md5sum.  --dsomero
development/sbcl: Removed wont build.  --dsomero
development/xmlstarlet: Fixed hard coded output path.
games/advancemame: Updated download link.  --dsomero
games/defcon: Updated download link.  --dsomero
games/eduke32: Updated download link and added back to 12.2 repo.  --dsomero
games/eduke32_hires_pack: Added back to 12.2 repo.  --dsomero
games/eduke32_shareware_data: Added back to 12.2 repo.  --dsomero
games/pengupop: Updated download link.  --dsomero
graphics/raw-thumbnailer: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
libraries/IO-Zlib: Updated md5sum.  --dsomero
libraries/SDL_gfx: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
libraries/exempi: Updated md5sum.  --dsomero
libraries/fftw: Fixed typo in SlackBuild.  --dsomero
libraries/gtksourceview: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
libraries/libAfterImage: Needs removed source NLA.  --dsomero
libraries/libopenraw: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
multimedia/GoogleEarth: Updated md5sum.  --dsomero
multimedia/gst-plugins-good: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
network/bitlbee: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
network/centericq: Removed wont build.  --dsomero
network/firehol: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
network/ipvsadm: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
network/kmyfirewall: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
network/konversation: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
network/noip: Updated md5sum.  --dsomero
network/ntop: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
network/vnstat: Updated md5sum.  --dsomero
network/wicd: Removed, now part of Slackware 12.2.  --dsomero
office/basket: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
office/kmymoney2: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
office/tellico: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
system/catfish: Removed, needs update old source NLA.  --dsomero
system/chkrootkit: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
system/dosbox: Updated .info file.  --dsomero
system/htop: Updated .info file.  --dsomero

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