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Evgeni Golov sargentd at die-welt.net
Sun Dec 28 11:46:02 UTC 2008

On Sat, 27 Dec 2008 23:34:24 -0600 Robby Workman wrote:

> > Uh, 2.6.27.x should be more then enough.
> > Which version of tp_smapi do you have installed (the event interface
> > only works with that)?
> Not having the hardware to test this myself, we (and specifically I)
> missed the need for tp_smapi in order to use hdaps.  We're working on a
> remedy for that, so thanks for the cluebat.

Well, you don't *need* tp-smapi to run hdapsd.
But without you won't be able to use the event interface (which the
udev-rule maps) and maybe miss some hardware on which you *could* run
hdapsd (the in-kernel hdaps driver is somewhat ... borked in case of
understanding hardware).


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