[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20081231

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Wed Dec 31 18:44:04 UTC 2008

Wed Dec 31 18:41:26 UTC 2008
Here's an early "Happy New Year" for everyone :-)
audio/mpd: Updated for version 0.14.0.
  Thanks to Andrew Brouwers.  --rworkman
desktop/icewm: Bugfix - make the xinitrc file executable.
  Thanks to Scott Heppler for the cluebat.  --rworkman
development/Pivy: Updated for version 20081227.
  Thanks to Alex Samardzic.  --rworkman
development/bugle: Updated for version 0.0.20080123 changes upstream and some
  script cleanups.  Thanks to Aleksandar Samardzic.  --dsomero
development/latrace: Added - latrace allows you to trace library calls and 
  get their statistics in a manner similar to the strace utility.
  Thanks to Menno Duursma.  --rworkman
games/gens: Added - Gens is a win32/unix Sega Genesis / Sega CD / Sega 32X 
  emulator.  Thanks to Steven Pledger.  --rworkman
graphics/fontforge: Updated for version 20081215.
  Thanks to Robby Workman.  --dsomero
libraries/cbase: Added - cbase is a C library of useful functions that
  simplify systems software development on System V UNIX.
  Thanks to Menno Duursma.  --dsomero
libraries/gdal: Updated for version 1.6.0.
  Thanks to Marco Cecchetti.  --dsomero
libraries/gsl: Updated for version 1.12.
  Thanks to Aleksandar Samardzic.  --dsomero
libraries/libgksu: Added - libgksu is a library needed by gksu, which provides
  a Gtk+ frontend to su and sudo.  Thanks to Stylianos Tsampas.  --rworkman
libraries/libgtop: Added - libgtop is a library that fetches information about
  the running system such as cpu and memory usage, active processes, etcetera.
  Thanks to Stylianos Tsampas.  --rworkman
libraries/libnetfilter_queue: Added - libnetfilter_queue is a userspace library
  for packet queuing.  Thanks to Alex Lysenka.  --rworkman
libraries/libtasn1: Added - Libtasn1 is the ASN.1 library used by GnuTLS.
  Thanks to Stylianos Tsampas.  --rworkman
libraries/tls: Added - tls is a portable extension that provides the power of
  OpenSSL to Tcl programs.  Thanks to Bruno Vezzaro.  --dsomero
misc/di: Added - di is a disk information utility, it can display 'df'
  output, and more.  Thanks to Menno Duursma.  --dsomero
misc/gnome-keyring: Added - GNOME Keyring is a program designed to take care of
  the user's security credentials.  Thanks to Stylianos Tsampas.  --rworkman
misc/siege: Added - Siege is an http regression testing and benchmarking
  utility.  Thanks to Menno Duursma.  --dsomero
multimedia/gpac: Updated for version 0.4.5.
  Thanks to Nishant Limbachia.  --dsomero
multimedia/vobcopy: Updated for version 1.1.2.
  Thanks to Nishant Limbachia.  --rworkman
network/GeoIP: Updated for version 1.4.5.  --rworkman
network/fail2ban: Miscellaneous bugfixes to the build script and init script.
  Thanks to Nishant Limbachia.  --rworkman
network/iw: Updated for version 0.9.7.  Thanks to nullboy.  --rworkman
network/mod_geoip: Added - mod_geoip2 is an Apache 2.x module for finding the 
  country and city that a web request originated from.
  Thanks to Zordrak.  --rworkman
network/msn-pecan: Minor cleanups and fixes.
  Thanks to John Tyree.  --dsomero
network/nload: Updated for version 0.7.2.
  Thanks to Michales Michaloudes.  --rworkman
network/squid: Updated for version 3.0.STABLE11.
  Thanks to David Somero.  --rworkman
network/suphp: Updated for version 0.7.0. Thanks to Menno Duursma.  --rworkman
network/xtables-addons: Added - Xtables-addons is the proclaimed successor to 
  patch-o-matic(-ng).  Thanks to Robby Workman.  --dsomero
office/auctex: Updated for version 11.85.
  Thanks to Aleksandar Samardzic.  --dsomero
system/clamsmtp: Miscellaneous bugfixes to the init script.
  Thanks to Nishant Limbachia.  --rworkman
system/gksu: Added - gksu is a gtk frontend to su and sudo.
  Thanks to Stylianos Tsampas.  --rworkman
system/mlterm: Miscellaneous bugfixes to the script.
  Thanks to Marco Cecchetti.  --rworkman
system/monit: Updated for version 5.0_beta6.
  Thanks to Ricardson Williams.  --dsomero
system/numlockx: Updated with some build script and README cleanups and added a
  manual page.  Thanks to Menno Duursma for the new script and for taking over
  maintenance of this one :-)  --rworkman
system/pmem: Added - pmem is a small Linux/Unix command line utility that
  displays memory information about processes.
  Thanks to Menno Duursma.  --dsomero
system/tp_smapi: Added - tp_smapi provides SMAPI BIOS access for ThinkPad 
  Laptops.  Thanks to Antonio Hernandez Blas.  --rworkman

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