[Slackbuilds-users] error in ntfs-3g

hba hba.nihilismus at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 00:18:01 UTC 2008

Hi, i knew about that error like one or two weeks ago, but the only
thing i did is to use --prefix='' and all builds fine, also i have
made a SlackBuild for that and the last version too, you can find them

Also, at this moment i don't have a ntfs dev, so if someone can test
it to see if it works, could be great to know it :) Before make use of
them, please read

The reason why we have use '/' as prefix since some versions ago is
because both fuse and ntfs-3g developers seems to want them in '/',
not in '/usr' and also this make sense cause as programs that let you
have access to a file system both need to be in the /, if for some
reason you can't mount '/usr' you have the programs in '/' to mount
another partition/dev, just like 'reiserfsprogs', 'jfsutils' and
'xfs*' packages.

- hba

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