[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20080219

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Tue Feb 19 22:43:30 UTC 2008

Tue Feb 19 22:40:54 UTC 2008
development/acpica: Updated for version 20080213.  
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --rworkman
development/Werkzeug: Added - Werkzeug is a WSGI applications base.
  Thanks to Andrea Maccis.  --David Somero
development/wxX11: Added - wxX11 (part of wxWidgets) lets developers create 
  applications for Win32, Mac OS X, GTK+, X11, Motif, WinCE, and more using 
  one codebase.  Thanks to Vincent Batts.  --David Somero
development/yaz: Updated to version 3.0.24.
  Thanks to Michiel van Wessem.  --David Somero
games/openarena: Added - openarena is a open source quake3 arena type game.
  Thanks to Chess Griffin.  --David Somero
libraries/libfwbuilder: Updated for version 2.1.16. 
  Thanks to David Somero.  --rworkman
libraries/libsigcxx: Reverted to version 2.0.18 of libsigc++.  2.1.x is the
  development version of libsigc++, and inkscape won't build against it.
  This is a great example of why the "new and shiny" version numbers aren't
  always better, and just another piece of evidence to consider next time you
  wonder why Slackware doesn't have the latest version of some library or
  application - this sort of occurrence isn't exactly rare - there is often a 
  "bigger picture" and you may not be seeing all of it...  --rworkman
misc/recode: Bugfixes - added a couple of unofficial patches from Debian and
  Ubuntu to fix some major annoyances and problems with the package.
  Big thanks to Richard Hoyle for handling this.  --rworkman
network/bip: Updated to version 0.7.0.
  Thanks to Chess Griffin.  --David Somero
network/fwbuilder: Updated for version 2.1.16.  Thanks to David Somero.
network/kmyfirewall: Updated for version 1.1.1.  Thanks to Michiel van Wessem.
network/x11-ssh-askpass: Minor script tweakage; added xprofile.sample and usage
  instructions to the build.  Thanks to Vincent Batts.  --rworkman
system/vice: Added - vice is a Commodore Emulator.
  Thanks to Mauro Giachero.  --David Somero
system/nvidia-driver: Updated for version 169.09.
system/nvidia/kernel: Updated for version 169.09.  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger
  for both of these.  --rworkman

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