[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20080110

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Thu Jan 10 15:34:36 UTC 2008

Thu Jan 10 15:33:11 UTC 2008
desktop/ffmpegthumbnailer: Added - FFmpegthumbnailer is a lightweight video 
  thumbnailer that can be used by file managers to create thumbnails for your
  video files.  Thanks to Frank Caraballo.  --rworkman
desktop/thunar-archive-plugin: Added - The Thunar Archive Plugin allows you to
  create and extract archive files using the file context menus in the Thunar
  file manager. Thanks to Robby Workman. --BP{k}
desktop/thunar-media-tags-plugin: Added - thunar-media-tags-plugnin adds a tags
  on the file properties dialog, letting you the possibility of editing the 
  id3/ogg tags of your file. Thanks to Robby Workman. --BP{k}
desktop/thunar-thumbnailers: Added - The thunar-thumbnailers project provides
  additional thumbnailers for use by the Thunar file manager. 
  Thanks to Robby Workman. --BP{k}
desktop/thunar-volman: Added - thunar-volman is an extension for the Thunar
  File Manager which enables automatic management of removable drives and 
  media. Thanks to Robby Workman. --BP{k}
graphics/raw-thumbnailer: Added - this generates thumbnails of digital camera
  raw image files using libopenraw and GDK.
  Thanks to Michiel van Wessem.  --rworkman
libraries/goffice: Updated for version 0.6.1.  Thanks to Alex Lysenka.
libraries/libmatchbox: Fixed a typo in the build script. 
  Thanks to Ferenc Deak for pointing it out.  --rworkman
libraries/libopenraw: Added - libopenraw is an ongoing project to provide a 
  free software implementation for camera RAW files decoding.
  Thanks to Michiel van Wessem.  --rworkman
libraries/sqlite: Updated for version 3.5.3.  --rworkman
multimedia/xmms: Added - XMMS is the X Multimedia System.  It is used to play
  audio and other kinds of media files. Thanks to Robby Workman. --BP{k}
system/atop: Fixed incorrect paths in the init script.  
  Thanks to Michael Gehring for the patch.  --rworkman
system/nvidia-driver: Bugfixes.  Thanks again to Heinz Wiesinger.  --rworkman
system/vlock: Added - vlock is a program to lock one or more sessions on the 
  Linux console.  Thanks to Menno Duursma.  --rworkman
system/x2vnc: Added - x2vnc will let you use two screens on two different 
  computers as if they were connected to the same computer.
  Thanks to Craig Forrester.  --rworkman

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