[Slackbuilds-users] Problem Building dia-0.96.1

Erik Hanson erik at slackbuilds.org
Mon Jan 28 04:13:01 UTC 2008

On Jan 27, 2008, at  8:03 PM, Rich Shepard wrote:

> On Sat, 26 Jan 2008, Vincent Batts wrote:
> > the URL it is reffering to is valid. be sure that libxslt is installed.
>    Yes, it is:

You're missing the actual error here, xsltproc is bailing out:

*** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (!prev): 0x082e9b68 ***

> > i just tested this with the dia-0.96.tar.bz2 and dia-0.96.1.tar.bz2, both
> > built fine. i'm building this on a 12.0 box, if it makes a difference.
>    Possibly. I'll try it on my notebook which is running 12.0.

What are you running, something that's been upgraded (10.2->11.0) or what?
If that's the case and you've not done a complete upgrade, you probably need
to rebuild libxml and libxslt against whatever glibc you have installed.

Erik Hanson
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