[Slackbuilds-users] file ChangeLog requested by wine.SlackBuild not present in wine-1.0-rc4 source

Antonio Hernández Blas hba.nihilismus at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 06:05:57 UTC 2008

What? a stupid idea?, mmmh.. then why are there some SlackBuilds with
something like this thing? ;)

if [ -d $PKG/usr/man ]; then
  find $PKG/usr/man -type f -name "*.?" -exec gzip -9f {} \;

And not, they are not just two or three, they are 58 SlackBuilds with
a thing like that(even worst, see krusader.SlackBuild, btw the autor
is Robby Workman). This looks to me "the same" as

if [ -e $TMP/$PRGNAM-$VERSION/ChangeLog ]; then
  cp $TMP/$PRGNAM-$VERSION/ChangeLog $PKG/usr/doc/$PRGNAM-$VERSION/Changelog

IMHO this is a crap, why? because in the end, when i see the package
with 'installpkg -warn' and notice that there aren't manpages in it
BUT its SlackBuild has an 'if [ -d $PKG/usr/man ]; ..'  then i start
to asking myself if really aren't there manpages in the sourcecode or
if something was wrong at build time.

If you want to know which are the "affected" SlackBuilds with this
"stupid idea", look at http://pastebin.slackadelic.com/587 . ffmpeg
makes sence to me, but the others... it's not so clear :P

OTOH i didn't say 'add "|| true" to all the lines that could fail
because a newer version could change things'. If you thought that,
sorry that was not my intention. But what i'm suggesting is, if you
are going to try a SlackBuild with a new version then add "|| true" in
the line that copy docs files into the docs dir. You can check at the
end if there are new/old files to add/erase in the docs dir, how?
easy, execute 'installpkg -warn /tmp/$PRGNAM-$VERSION*.tgz and check
the diff with the contents of $TMP/$PRGNAM-$VERSION/docs for example,
thats all. At least this is what i do when i need to update my

That's all, cheers :)

2008/6/6, Alan Hicks <alan at lizella.net>:
> Didier Spaier wrote:
> > I tried to use wine.SlackBuild (inteded for use with wine-1.0-rc2)
> >
>  > with wine-1.0-rc4, after having changed version number in the script.
> >
> > Unfortunately after compilation, wine.SlackBuild stopped for a
> > missing ChangeLog file to copy.
> >
> >
> > True, there isn't any in the archive I donwloaded from winehq.org. I
> > should have checked the diff file on their website first: it shows
> > Changelog is replaced by documentation/Changelog.Beta -- may-be they
> > could have included a symlink to it but anyway...
> >
> >
> > Robby, may be you could test files existence in the archive before
> > attempting to cp it, or advise the user to check their presence if
> > he/she uses the SlackBuild with a newer version ?
> >
>  I don't think this is going to happen, not only because I know Robby, but
> because it is in my estimation a stupid idea.  The SlackBuild scripts are
> tested on one and only one version.  If you want to use them for another
> version, you get to deal with any problems (which are rare) that entails.
>  Moreover, the idea of essentially truing any operation that might fail
> because a newer version has changed things removes the entire point behind
> explicit failures!  If we were to do your suggestion, then why would we use
> "set -x" or "|| exit" at all?
>  The problem you are hoping for us to fix is one caused by changed upstream
> between versions.  Attempting to anticipate any of these problems is simply
> impossible.
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