[Slackbuilds-users] Fwd: bug on openbox package

Phillip Warner pc_warner at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 25 06:38:21 UTC 2008

Actually, after I thought about this for a second the solution is simple.  The openbox.desktop file that is in question is actually a part of the kdebase package.  It doesn't get used until there is a xinitrc file for openbox available.  The openbox slackBuild has the xinitrc's for openbox (session), openbox-KDE, and openbox-GNOME, and the corresponding .desktop files are in 
/usr/share/xsessions/openbox*.  This seemed to work fine in Slackware 12.0, but I don't think KDM in Slackware 12.1 looks there anymore.  As a result only the stock openbox.desktop file (under

/usr/share/apps/kdm/sessions from the kdebase package) is used.

The solution is to either move or symlink the created .desktop files under 
so that they are in 

If you don't want the stock .desktop file to be overwritten (this is ideal), you should rename the new openbox.desktop file to openbox-session.desktop and change the "Name" field to something like Openbox-Session.  The slackBuild README should then inform the user to use Openbox-Session if they want to use the autostart file.

Hopefully this clears everything up.


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On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 6:03 PM, Robby Workman <rworkman at slackbuilds.org>
> Please preserve CC list.
> Bruno Queiros wrote:
>> I've been dealing a long time with a minor on openbox package, the
>> install ok, but it doesn't create the openbox config files on the
>> home, and most important it doesn't use the autostart.sh feature,
witch is
>> needed to launch certain programs. So after a few reading, (i'm
using the
>> kdm login manager) i found out that to properly use openbox, it must
>> launch with openbox-session and not openbox, altough both will work,
>> openbox will not use autostart.sh. In your package after installing,
it does
>> create the file in  /usr/share/apps/kdm/sessions/openbox.desktop  but
>> launches the openbox (exec=openbox and tryecec=openbox) while it
should be
>> exec=/usr/bin/openbox-session and tryexec=/usr/bin/openbox-session. So
>> you could fix (i think it's your slackbuild file) it would be
> Thanks for the report.  I'm CC'ing Chess Griffin on this, as I
> this is one of his scripts, actually.  I know he's in the middle of
> some major personal business right now, so there might be a slight
> delay on any action though.

Bruno, thanks for the report.  As Robby indicated, my CPU cycles are
pretty much maxed at the moment.  My wife and I are packing up our
house this week and moving with our two young'uns.  :-)  In fact, my
intertubes connection will be disrupted any moment now and won't be
re-established for a week or two.

However, once I get back online and in the swing of things, I will
definitely take a close look at this and see if I can update it.  I've
got several other SBo updates that I need to work on as well.

Again, thanks for your input.

Chess Griffin
GPG Public Key: 0x0C7558C3
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