[Slackbuilds-users] problem with faac.SlackBuild

Heinz Wiesinger HMWiesinger at gmx.at
Sun May 11 08:31:17 UTC 2008


I have found a problem in the build-script for faac. faac does currently build 
with "--with-mp4v2", which enables the build of the internal libmp4v2 
library. However, this is not forced. The configure-script checks for a 
already existing libmp4v2 on the system, regardless of the option. So, no 
problem on first time builds, as faac does detect, that there's no libmp4v2 
available. But if you update faac, or do a rebuild, faac detects the already 
installed libmp4v2 (from the previous faac-package) and builds against it.
A followed upgradepkg will remove libmp4v2 from system.

Actually, the situation is the same when run without the "--with-mp4v2" 
option. The only sane solution I could find, was running configure 
with "--without-mp4v2". If the external libmp4v2 (from SBo) is available, it 
will build against it, if not, build of the own libmp4v2 is disabled.


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