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Phillip Warner pc_warner at yahoo.com
Thu May 15 18:25:33 UTC 2008

I would hope that all the script maintainers are a part of this mailing list, but I think that that would be a poor assumption.  In light of that, perhaps it would be helpful to automatically add the maintainers email to a mailing list when they submit a script.  I do not mean this list, but rather one that is to be used only occasionally.

For instance, when the next version of Slackware is about to be released an email is usually sent to this list to let us know what that the repository will be rolling over soon and there are some changes to the new Slackware version that may break ___ type of scripts.  This one time email per Slackware release could be sent to all the maintainers via this special mailing list.  This would remind maintainers that they are maintainers, and to let them know that if they haven't done so recently they should take a look at their script to see if it is still up to date and compatible.


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alkos333 wrote:
| There is no way to enforce such contract though.  I would like to note
| that I  will remain responsible for every script I have uploaded until
| somebody else volunteers to take over.
| On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 12:53 PM, Eric Hameleers
| alkos333 wrote:
| | Well, let's slide down the "slippery slope"  as Robby so eloquently
| | puts it every time :).   If anybody would like to take over
| | desktop/3ddesktop, feel free to do so because I don't use it anymore
| | and have no interest in maintaining the script.
| Perhaps we should start offering a "social contract" for anyone
| uploading a submission for SBo - say, we ask you to confirm that you
| stay responsible for your submission for at least 2 Slackware releases.
| Eric

Only joking (but still - we have to find a way to deal with scripts
that get abandoned) ...


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