[Slackbuilds-users] "orphaned" scripts

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Thu May 15 18:39:48 UTC 2008

Phillip Warner wrote:
> I would hope that all the script maintainers are a part of this mailing 
> list, but I think that that would be a poor assumption.  In light of 
> that, perhaps it would be helpful to automatically add the maintainers 
> email to a mailing list when they submit a script.  I do not mean this 
> list, but rather one that is to be used only occasionally.
> For instance, when the next version of Slackware is about to be released 
> an email is usually sent to this list to let us know what that the 
> repository will be rolling over soon and there are some changes to the 
> new Slackware version that may break ___ type of scripts.  This one time 
> email per Slackware release could be sent to all the maintainers via 
> this special mailing list.  This would remind maintainers that they are 
> maintainers, and to let them know that if they haven't done so recently 
> they should take a look at their script to see if it is still up to date 
> and compatible.

Yeah, we had discussed doing that quite some time ago, but never
reached a real consensus.  I'm not too keen on unrequested mailing
list subscriptions, so that's a point of contention, but otherwise,
I agree that the idea is not a bad one.


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